Eco-Kids Art Products Review

eco kidsThere are many chemical-laden things natural-minded parents know to watch out for. Things like food and health and bath and body products for baby are some of the basics that parents consider. However, unfortunately chemicals lurk in many of the products our kids use and some we may not think of as possibly being problematic, such as art supplies. Thankfully there are companies who offer alternatives. Eco-Kids is one such company, and produces eco friendly art products for kids. They have several natural art product choices in several different mediums such as finger paint and crayons…stuff you can feel good about letting your child play with! Their motto is “Creative play the natural way” and they truly live up to it. Here are reviews of several of their product offerings.

Eco-Finger Paint


One of the more common worried-about art supplies is finger paint. Even though conventional paints may be labeled as non-toxic, they still contain chemicals and dyes you don’t want getting on your child’s skin. Also, with younger kids, there’s the worry they’ll stick their hands in their mouths while painting. Well, with eco-Kids finger paint those worries can be put to rest. This finger paint is made with food-based ingredients. The colors of the paint come from food items like carrots, beets, and spinach. This product is a great deal seeing that it contains five 4 ounce containers that will make over 60 ounces of paint. There is also a gluten free version available for little ones with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. The paint received mixed reviews on Many loved the fact that it was natural paint but said it doesn’t work well on paper. A good solution many found was to use it as body paint.

Price: $19.99. Gluten free option is $23.99. You can buy Eco-Finger Paint at

Eco-Brush set

No little artist’s supply kit is complete without a set of paint brushes. These brushes, which come in several sizes (7, 8, 10, and 12), are made with white birch wood from sustainable sources, the metal part is recycled aluminum, and the brush bristles are made out of soft camel hair. This eco brush set is rated 5 stars on

Price: $7.99. You can buy the Eco-Brush set at


This set of all natural dough comes with five 4 ounce containers of differently colored dough for your child to play with. The colors are obtained from all natural food sources rather than through the use of artificial dyes. Like their paint, there is also a gluten free Eco-Dough available. The Eco-Dough is rated 4 out of 5 stars by reviewers on Reviewers praised the dough’s consistency, scent, the fact that it doesn’t dry out easily and, of course, the fact that it offers all of the above while being all natural. Some also mentioned the ability to freshen up dried dough by adding olive oil.

Price: $19.99 for the regular version and $23.99 for the gluten free version. You can buy both versions of Eco-Dough at


These fun, oddly shaped crayons are so safe they’re practically edible! Each box comes with six fun colors. They’re made out of 25% beeswax and 75% fruit, plant, and vegetable parts. They come in a cute box as a container but would look great stored in a class jar to show off their unique look and bright colors. They received mixed reviews on, with some saying the colors are not very vivid, although the reviewers loved that the product is natural and the concept is a great one.

Price: $7.99. You can buy Eco-Crayons at